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IPSO's expertise with Information Technologies is quite extensive. And, as relationships and projects progress, our integrated leadership approach enables us to provide our clients with key resources for specific tasks and project goals.

Collectively, our unbiased professional experience includes small to very large database systems utilizing: Oracle, Sybase, Ingres, MS-SQL Server, Informix, and Microsoft Access.

Our application development toolset is also quite varied and includes extensive expertise with products such as: .NET, Java, Powerbuilder, Delphi, Visual Basic, OpenRoad, Javascript, Visual InterDev, Active Server Pages(ASP), Development of Active X controls, JSP, VBA, C, C++, Autosys, and we are continually expanding our horizons based upon client-driven needs.

We have expert developers in many areas of systems configuration, development, and administration, from traditional desktop application architectures under Windows 95/98/2000/2003, to UNIX, VMS and Internet based mission-critical applications. We have designed and delivered automated batch and realtime solutions.

In addition, IPSO offers extensive knowledge of many industry specific technologies, systems, and tools, primarily used in: Banking, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Utilities, and University environments.