Business Technology Solutions
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IPSO is comprised of a team of highly esteemed, technology and business savvy professionals who offer a high degree of professional versatility.

Integrated Leadership: Our service is uniquely tailored. We are not a body shop or contracting organization. We work together, as an organization, to ensure the success of our delivery. And, we hold ourselves accountable.

Our integrated leadership is one of the key reasons our clients prefer our services to those of single contractors. With close personal attention to details, we will work with you, as partners, to determine the best possible team for the tasks at hand.

Multiple points of success and support for the unforeseen: Working with IPSO offers our clients the security and assurance that there will always be more than one person, at IPSO, familiar with your systems and your objectives.

Our business practices offer clients a unique base of strength and flexibility, expertise and experience. We deliver value by helping determine, develop, and maintain the best possible solutions for operational improvement and progressive infrastructure.

The breadth of our functional expertise and matrix organizational structure ensures successful business and enterprise: System Analysis, Architecture, Design, Development, Implementation, Integration, and Support of critical systems.